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Convenient cube side array expansion for texture faces

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var expandName = require('cube-side-array');

var array = expandName(name);

Returns a 6-element array, each element corresponding to a cube face. The name parameter is intended to be user-specified; several formats are recognized:

  • scalar: the same value is repeated for all sides
  • 1-element array: same as scalar
  • 2-element array: top/bottom, sides
  • 3-element array: top, bottom, sides
  • 4-element array: top, bottom, front/back, left/right
  • 5-element array: top, bottom, front, back, left/right
  • object with keys top, bottom, front, back, left, right

For example, 'dirt' or ['dirt'] will return ['dirt', 'dirt', 'dirt', 'dirt', 'dirt', 'dirt'], saving you from having to tediously retype dirt over and over. Or ['grass_top', 'dirt', 'grass_side'], specifying grass_top for the top face, dirt for the bottom face, and grass_side for everything else. See test.js for more examples.

Inspired by @shama's voxel-texture _expandName

Custom Order

The second argument can optionally be a 6-character string representing the side order requested for the return value. Examples:

Default order if omitted is 'RTFLBK' (right, top, front, left, bottom, back)