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    ctl is a lightweight framework to manage code for node servers. Tried and tested in production.


    • Stage setup
    • Config (secret) management
    • Logging out of the box
    • Run any service, (we use express out of the box)
    • Organize your Node.JS server code quickly


    yarn add ctl


    You can run a server simply with

    PORT=8001 node -e 'require("ctl").init()'

    Or for more complex settings, index.js:

    require('ctl').init(opts) // options optional, see below for full doc 

    In config.js:

    module.exports = async () => {
      return {
        message: 'hello world',

    In src/lifecycle/startup.js:

    const ctl = require('ctl');
    const config = ctl.config();
    const log = ctl.log('startup');
    module.exports = async (app) => {
      // app.get() ... setup routes
      log.debug('Loaded config:', config.message); // => Loaded config: hello world

    Stage, Config and Logging

    const stage = ctl.stage();
    const config = ctl.config();
    const log = ctl.log('section');


    Most servers need an environment flag, like local, staging or prod. You can do this easily by setting the STAGE environment variable, and running the server like STAGE=local node index.js. This will then be read into ctl.stage().


    Config also works out of the box, and ctl will look from a variety of places and merge the configs. Here are all the places it will look:

    • {SRC}/library/defaults.js
    • {ROOT}/defaults.json
    • {ROOT}/defaults.js
    • {SRC}/library/defaults-{STAGE}.js
    • {ROOT}/defaults-{STAGE}.json
    • {ROOT}/defaults-{STAGE}.js
    • {SRC}/library/config.js
    • {ROOT}/config.json
    • {ROOT}/config.js
    • {SRC}/library/config-{STAGE}.js
    • {ROOT}/config-{STAGE}.json
    • {ROOT}/config-{STAGE}.js

    Note: ROOT is the home directory, and SRC is the src directory (defaults to /src), see in options

    As you can see, it will load the right config in based on the STAGE you set.


    Please refer to the documentation for better-logs


    Lifecycles are events you can implement to run at different stages of the server starting. You can put them in src/lifecycle folder, like src/lifecycle/after.js, or you can set in these as async functions and pass it in to the options or from the config.

    • before - Before the server starts, but after the config loads. Great place to connect to the DB, load models, etc.
    • startup - Good for setting up routes/handlers, before the server listens for requests.
    • after - After the service has started


    Here are the valid options you can pass to init:

    • service - defaults to an express service, but can be any server or script. (See [service][#Service] for more info.)
    • src - where to look for the root of source code (defaults to /src)
    • lifecycle - where to look for lifecycle files (defaults to /lifecycle)


    By default, ctl comes with an express server so you can get started quickly. It uses nunjucks and can host static files, and you can expand on it further in the startup part of your lifecycle before the server begins listening.

    You can also write your own service, it's really easy. A service is just an object with two functions, create(ctl) and run(app, ctl). You can pass this to the options in init or define it in the config.

    • create(ctl) - returns an app object that will be passed to run.
    • run(app, ctl) - runs the app

    More Information

    The first version of ctl, way back in 2010, was built primarily as a way to manage controllers and handle server requests consistently. But with the advent of async/await, it's much easier to write logic nowadays. The goal of ctl, as it has always been, is to reduce the amount of time it takes you to get up and running with a full on, system that's ready to scale. That way you focus on building the project and validating the idea, and not on inconsequential things like how to structure your code/server.

    Contact & Licensing

    Feel free to use this for whatever you like, but don't blame me if someone loses an eye.

    If you are using this, I'd love to hear about your project. It's great to know my code is being used somewhere by someone.

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