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make csv valid lines


I can't probably call this a streamming CSV writter, due to the lack of features, but it's enough to have the functionality I needed ATM. I'll probably add more features as needed, feel free to do it as well with a pull request ;)

npm install --save csvify

It's a transform stream that receives arrays and pipes CSV lines.

var CSVify = require('csvify');
var csvStream = new CSVify(','); // use ',' as a delimiter 
csvStream.writeHead(['name', 'age', 'address']); // write a header 
csvStream.writeHead('name', 'age', 'address'); // has the same behaviour as above 
var header =;
console.log(header); // name,age,address\r\n 
csvStream.write(['JJ', 23, 'Rua da Prata nº80, Lisboa']);
var line =;
console.log(line); // "JJ",23,"Rua da Prata nº80, Lisboa"\r\n 

For a more complete usage example, check out the JSONStream test.