Sync loading of a small .csv file


Sync loading routine for a small comma-separated values file (.csv). Returns an array of objects, takes property names from the first line. Assumes everything is a string in quotes.

Requires nodejs, install using npm install csv-load-sync

Example CSV file with two records

"1","iPhone 4"
"2","iPhone 4S"

Example CSV file with three records

"1","John","Smith","US","2013-08-04 23:57:38"
"2","Greg","Smith","US","2013-07-12 13:27:18"
"3","Harold","Smith","GB","2013-07-16 21:17:28"
var loader = require('csv-load-sync');
var csv = loader('path/to/file.csv');
// csv is an Array of objects 

Author: Gleb Bahmutov gleb.bahmutov@gmail.com License: MIT Copyright © 2013 Gleb Bahmutov