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CSS Relative URL Processor

A small module designed to convert relative asset URL's in CSS files into absolute URL's for deployment to a combo handled CDN (

When you request a CSS file from a server with a ComboHandler on it, relative CSS assets are broken by default.

If your CSS looks like this:

.foo {
    background-image: url( foo.png );

Located in a file with this path: foo/bar/baz/main.css

Loaded from a ComboHandler like this: /combo?foo/bar/baz/main.css

Your Image will resolve to: /combo/foo.png

When it should resolve to: /foo/bar/baz/foo.png

That's what this module does!

Build Status

Build Status


npm install cssproc


As a file (from examples/file/):

var cssproc = require('../../lib'),
    path = require('path'),
    fs = require('fs');
var file = path.join(__dirname, 'a1/f1/f2/test.css');
fs.readFile(file, 'utf8', function(err, data) {
        root: __dirname,
        path: file,
        base: ''
    }, data, function(err, str) {

It could also be used inside of a combo handler


The value of base could be:

  • where protocol will be forced to HTTP
  • where protocol will be forced to SSL
  • // which is protocol agnostic where it uses the protocol for the css file that contains the images.
  • /path/to for absolute paths where it uses the domain and protocol from the css file that contains the images.
  • ['', '//', etc] an array of hosts to loop through and alternate in the file to support domain sharding.