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Use phantomjs and deadweight to do CSS coverage-testing ## Why csscover ?

csscover基于deadweight, 功能上肯定是会优于deadweight的, 且添加了selector的容错机制与对中文字符的处理机制,更重要的是,支持deadweight所不支持的动态脚本改变DOM 影响的选择器匹配

Use case

  • 检查页面冗余style rule

How to use


  • Install ruby and gems for deadweight.
  • Install deadweight gem install deadweight.
  • Install node.

Clone it from github :

git clone

or Install it in npm :

npm install csscover -g

Runing :

csscover --help

package.js :

style : 样式文件
html [
    {//可以用于url + hash的形式 prefix + suffix
        prefix : purl, //网址前缀
        suffix : ['','#'] //网址后缀