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    CSSMarquee is a Javascript no dependencies javascript marquee based on CSS animations.

    Core features of CSSMarquee are:


    CSSMarquee is registered as a package on npm. This is the recomended way of downloading it. You can install the latest version of CSSMarquee and its dependencies with the npm CLI command:

    npm install css-marquee

    As an alternative you can download from github.



      <meta charset="utf-8">
      <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="style.css">
      <script src="cssMarquee.min.js"></script> 
        <p id="myMarquee" class="marquee">Default text</p>
            var myMarquee = new CSSMarquee({
                id: 'myMarquee',
                text: 'CSSMarquee: no dependencies javascript marquee based on CSS animations.',
                speed: 20,
                pauseOnMouseEnter: true,
                playOnMouseLeave: true

    Where cssMarquee.min.js is the minimized version of cssMarquee.

    Available configuration parameters are:

    • id. The id of the DOM element.
    • element. The DOM element. It is required to set element or id. If both are set elementis used.
    • text. The text in the marque. If it is not set CSSMarquee uses the text in the DOM element. It is required to set text or some text in the DOM element.
    • speed. The number of seconds to complete one iteration. Default is 15.
    • pauseOnMouseEnter. If it is true the animation will be paused when a mouseenter event is triggered.
    • playOnMouseLeave. If it is true the animation will be resumed when a mouseleave event is triggered.
    • animation. The CSS animation to use. Default is marqueeTextIndent {0}s linear infinite. See the next chapter for more details.

    Available methods for CSSMarquee instances are:

    • pause(). Pauses the animation.
    • play(). Resumes the animation.
    • updateText( newText ). Updates the text.
    • destroy( removeText ). Stops the animation and remove all listeners. If removeText removes the text of the marquee.

    Go to test page to see CSSMarquee in action!

    Customizing the CSS animation

    If you want to fully customize the CSS animation keep on reading this!

    Default animation is marqueeTextIndent {0}s linear infinite. You can customize it with the built in keyframes CSS animations or define a new one. The {0} part is replaced by CSSMarquee with the speed configuration parameter.

    CSSMarquee includes 4 keyframes CSS animations in the style.css file:

    • marqueeTextIndent (used in default animation). Animates the text-indent property. Animation is from right to left.
    • marqueeTextIndentReverse. Animates the text-indent property. Animation is from left to right.
    • marqueeTranslateX. Uses translateX to animate. Animation is from right to left.
    • marqueeTranslateXReverse. Uses translateX to animate. Animation is from left to right.

    The definitions of both in the style.css file are:

    @keyframes marqueeTextIndent {
        0%   { text-indent: 100% }
        100% { text-indent: var(--marquee-text-size) }
    @keyframes marqueeTextIndentReverse {
        0%   { text-indent: var(--marquee-text-size)  }
        100% { text-indent: 100% }
    @keyframes marqueeTranslateX {
        0%   { transform: translateX( 100% ) }
        100% { transform: translateX( var(--marquee-text-size) ) }
    @keyframes marqueeTranslateXReverse {
        0%   { transform: translateX( var(--marquee-text-size) ) }
        100% { transform: translateX( 100% ) }

    The --marquee-text-size CSS variable is set by CSSMarquee. Its value depends on the length of the text to animate.

    Of course, if you are not going to use one of them you do not need to include it in you CSS files.

    Another option is to define a new keyframes CSS animation in one of your CSS files and customize the animation option to use it.




    npm i css-marquee

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