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Crunches, optimizes and resolves/copies assets of css files


Crunches, optimizes and resolves/copies assets of css files

Install the module with: npm install css-crunch

You can specify a folder to walk and collect all css files using the src option.

var css_crunch = require('css-crunch');{...})

Use the following options to control the processing and output of your css.

At minimum you should pass either src or files, plusdest`. Other options will revert to defaults.

  • src {String} Top level css folder to walk and collect css files (not excluded with exclude). Files are processed as they are sorted in the file system.
  • files {Array} Order specific list of files to process for explicit compilation order (no need to use exclude)
  • dest {String} Full path and file name of the build output file.css (the concatinated/inlined/minified/optimised single file). Assets folder is created local to this file.
  • exclude {Array=[]} List of file patterns to exclude from the src css file traversal. Place an asterix at the begining or end of each pattern to wildcard.
  • copy {Boolean=true} Whether or not to copy resolved assets (images/fonts, any url defined in any of the stylesheets)
  • minify {Boolean=true} Whether or not to minify the combined/inlined output file (uses css-min)
  • optimize {Boolean=false} Whether or not to optimize the combined/inlined output file (uses csso)
  • sanitize {Boolean=true} Whether or not to clean the files of unwanted UTF-8 characters
  • reporter {String='console'} Pipe | delimited list of reporters. Default available are console, html.

You should use src or files exclusively, one or the other. If you are happy with just pointing css-crunch to a top level folder and having it find any css file within, use src. If you would prefer to specify the exact set of files and therefore their processing order, usefiles`.

You can add your own reporting function before calling build(...) by accessing the reporters object. Your function will be passed the options, and an array of log messages.

var css_crunch = require('css-crunch');
css_crunch.reporters['my_reporter'] = function(optionslogMessages) {
logMessages.forEach(function(logMsg) {
// logMsg = {type:'log|error|warn|step|complete', message:<string>, depth:<number>} 
src: '...',
dest: '...'

12/11/2013 0.1.1 - fixed html reporter file path bug 11/11/2013 0.1.0 - initial release

Copyright (c) 2013 Ali Chamas
Licensed under the MIT license. ======= css-crunch ==========

Crunches, optimizes and resolves/copies assets of css files