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Crunches, optimizes and resolves/copies assets of css files

Getting Started

Install the module with: npm install css-crunch

You can specify a folder to walk and collect all css files using the src option.

var css_crunch = require('css-crunch');{...})


Use the following options to control the processing and output of your css.

At minimum you should pass either src or files, plusdest`. Other options will revert to defaults.

  • src {String} Top level css folder to walk and collect css files (not excluded with exclude). Files are processed as they are sorted in the file system.
  • files {Array} Order specific list of files to process for explicit compilation order (no need to use exclude)
  • dest {String} Full path and file name of the build output file.css (the concatinated/inlined/minified/optimised single file). Assets folder is created local to this file.
  • exclude {Array=[]} List of file patterns to exclude from the src css file traversal. Place an asterix at the begining or end of each pattern to wildcard.
  • copy {Boolean=true} Whether or not to copy resolved assets (images/fonts, any url defined in any of the stylesheets)
  • minify {Boolean=true} Whether or not to minify the combined/inlined output file (uses css-min)
  • optimize {Boolean=false} Whether or not to optimize the combined/inlined output file (uses csso)
  • sanitize {Boolean=true} Whether or not to clean the files of unwanted UTF-8 characters
  • reporter {String='console'} Pipe | delimited list of reporters. Default available are console, html.

You should use src or files exclusively, one or the other. If you are happy with just pointing css-crunch to a top level folder and having it find any css file within, use src. If you would prefer to specify the exact set of files and therefore their processing order, usefiles`.

Custom Reporter

You can add your own reporting function before calling build(...) by accessing the reporters object. Your function will be passed the options, and an array of log messages.

var css_crunch = require('css-crunch');
css_crunch.reporters['my_reporter'] = function(options, logMessages) {
    logMessages.forEach(function(logMsg) {
        // logMsg = {type:'log|error|warn|step|complete', message:<string>, depth:<number>} 
    src: '...',
    dest: '...'

Release History

12/11/2013 0.1.1 - fixed html reporter file path bug 11/11/2013 0.1.0 - initial release


Copyright (c) 2013 Ali Chamas
Licensed under the MIT license.


Crunches, optimizes and resolves/copies assets of css files