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    Was this written from scratch?

    This library combines the following:

    • reset.css 2.0 by Eric Meyer
    • normalize.css 8.0.0 by Nicolas Gallagher and Jonathan Neal
    • The Bootstrap 4 Reboot CSS

    This library adds standardizations onto the above

    What is css-baseline?

    Browers come with different default CSS styles, this library tries to provide a common style starting point so that html appears and behaves the same in all browsers. It is especially geared towards fixing edge-case bugs/behaviors (cough cough IE 9,10,11 cough cough). There are no CSS-classes since it this is intended to be used with other style sheets / CSS frameworks.

    The goal is that CSS baseline can be used as a foundation for all future web-dev projects regardless of anyone's project-specific styling needs.

    How do I use this?

    Make sure you include this CSS before any other style sheets: this lets other libraries override css-baseline

    1. [quick way] If you're just testing you can paste this in the <head> of your HTML file.
      <link rel="stylesheet" href="https://unpkg.com/css-baseline/css/2.css">
    2. [better way] You can also manually download the CSS file of version you want (see the css folder). Then just include it as the first style sheet in the <head> of your HTML file.
    3. [best way] If you have a bundler in your project (e.g. Parcel.js, Webpack, Rollup.js) you can include this through npm.
      Ex: In your main/first javascript file you can likely put require("css-baseline/css/2") or import "css-baseline/css/2". Your bundler may have some other way of including CSS files from NPM.

    Why are their 4 versions?


    1. Only include critical fixes
    2. Standardize the spacing of elements (and everything from #1)
    3. Standardize font sizing (and everything from #1 and #2)
    4. Standardize the look of buttons and text-input fields (and everything from #1, #2, and #3)

    Is this going to be updated?

    Yes. Please create pull requests if any browsers have non-standard behavior/bugs that can be fixed with CSS or if there is any conflict with major libraries.


    npm i css-baseline

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