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Got some important files which you don't want to share publicly but still want to use github as VCS for your softwares. Crypt-git can help you.

crypt-git is a command line utility written in node.js which enables to encrypt important files when you push them on GitHub repo and decrypt then when you want to work remotely. Doing this is very very simple with 'crypt-git'.


Install the module globally:

$ npm install -g crypt-git


You just need to maintain a file .cryptfiles where you need to specify the file name(s) which you want to encrypt.

create .cryptfiles file:

touch .cryptfiles

edit .cryptfiles file

vim .cryptfiles

See an example here

To push:

$ cg push <commit message>
  • <commit message> is optional.

The above command is equivalent to doing these operations:

  • git add -A
  • git commit -m'your message'
  • git push -u origin master

Now all your important files mentioned in .cryptfiles file are pushed on your repository in encrypted (and compressed) form.

To decrypt:

When you want to work remotely with your repository (without any encrypted file) then all you need is:

cg decrypt

NOTE: cg is abbreviation for crypt-git

When you perform cg decrypt, the encrypted file gets decrypted on your local machine.

Cool right?


$ cg push <commit message> // to push with the encrypted content.
cg decrypt // to decrypt the encrypted files

To know more read this.


Nothing important here that you don't already know.

About branches

  • The supreme branch creates different .iv file for each encryption.

  • The master branch has static .iv file which gets created once (for the first time).

Release improvements

first release (v1.0.0)

  • It works fine for all cases except one case which you may need to handle properly.
  • If you perform two cg push operations one after the other without making any changes then the content of .iv file would get changed which will result in improper decryption thus you may face problem in decompression.
  • If you ever encounter any such problem just re-clone the project and do cg pull. Things will be fine.

Olympian release (v1.5.0)

  • This release takes care of commit history, because now every push doesn't create a new encryption pattern into the file, So all the files doesn't gets changes. This doesn't make the commit history improper. To know more about this release see this

Sovereign release (v1.6.0)

  • The command cg pull is replaced with cg decrypt.
  • In this release git pull is not being performed because it is not required. The decryption process is done using the .iv file, which is available locally (so why to fetch again?), in case the file is deleted somehow, the user is asked to clone the repo and try decrypting again.

Chief release

  • Yet to come.


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