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Crownpeak Digital Experience Management (DXM) Software Development Kit (SDK) for Angular

Crownpeak Digital Experience Management (DXM) Software Development Kit (SDK) for Angular has been constructed to assist the Single Page App developer in developing client-side applications that leverage DXM for content management purposes.

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  • Runtime libraries to handle communication with either Dynamic (DXM Dynamic Content API) or Static (On-disk JSON payload) Data Sources

    As a development team runs their build process, the underlying Angular Application will be minified and likely packed into a set of browser-compatible libraries (e.g., ES5). We expect any DXM NPM Packages also to be compressed in this manner. To facilitate communication between the Angular Application and content managed within DXM, a runtime NPM Package is provided. The purpose of this package is:

    • Read application configuration detail from a global environment file (e.g., Dynamic Content API endpoint and credentials, static content disk location, etc.);
    • Making data models available to the Angular Application, which a developer can map against
      • Dynamic Data - Asynchronously processing data from the DXM Dynamic Content API, using the Search G2 Raw JSON endpoint; and
      • Static Data - Loading JSON payload data directly from local storage.
  • DXM Content-Type Scaffolding

    Developers will continue to work with their Continuous Integration / Delivery and source control tooling to create a Angular application. However, the purpose of the DXM Content-Type Scaffolding build step is to convert the Angular Components in a single direction (Angular > DXM), into the necessary configuration to support CMS operations. At present, the DXM Component Library includes the capability to auto-generate Templates (input.aspx, output.aspx, post_input.aspx) based upon a moustache-style syntax (decorating of editable properties). It is not intended that we re-design this process, as it is fully supported within DXM, and customer-battle-tested - therefore, in order to create Template configuration, the build step:

    • Converts Angular Components into Crownpeak Components by using the existing Component Builder Process, via the CMS Access API (DXM's RESTful Content Manipulation API), and then existing "post_save" process;
    • Creates Templates for each Angular Page (One of the DXM Angular Component Types) by using the existing Template Builder Process, again via the CMS Access API and existing "post_save" process; and
    • Creates a new Model for the Angular Page Content-Type, via the CMS Access API, so that authors can create multiple versions of a structured Page or Component, without needing to run an entire development/test cycle.

Version History

Version Date Changes
2.0.0 2020JUN30 Initial release.
2.1.0 2020JUL28 New 'init', 'patch' and 'scaffold' options, improved output, lots of bug fixes.
2.1.1 2020JUL29 Updated crownpeak-dxm-sdk-core version.
2.2.0 2020SEP03 Add support for indexed fields and cp-scaffold. Bug fixes.
2.3.0 2020OCT01 Preserve paths for uploads, support uploads from pages and wrappers. Bug fixes.
2.4.0 2020OCT09 Improved uploading and relinking, new page and component creation settings, new --only option. Bug fixes.
3.0.0 2020NOV06 Change to asynchronous data loading, drag and drop zone governance, multi-file component support. Bug fixes.
3.1.0 2021JAN04 Add cp-scaffold for pages, ignore non-Crownpeak components, string replacements via .cpscaffold.json.
3.2.0 2021JAN07 Add cp-scaffold for wrappers, option to include metadata on pages, $file macro in CMS_STATIC_CONTENT_LOCATION.
3.2.1 2021JAN08 Extra macro option using {file} in CMS_STATIC_CONTENT_LOCATION.
3.3.0 2021JAN13 Add cmsDisableDragDrop option to mark components unsuitable for Drag and Drop.
3.4.0 2021MAR15 Bug fixes.
3.5.0 2021OCT15 Template Builder supports default template files, bug fixes.
3.5.1 2021OCT27 Bug fix for error when updating a model inside a project branch.
4.0.0 2022JAN21 Update package.json to allow newer versions of Angular to be used. Thanks to @PMabMI for the assistance.
4.1.0 2023-07-10 Bump DXM SDK Core version to remove vulnerable dependencies.




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