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    🧟‍♂️ creature-cache

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    An in-memory cache that can be restored/rehydrated (brought back to life) via a string or array to rebuild the cache Map.

    This is particularly handy for frameworks that can generate a cache server-side, and would want to reflect that same cache client-side. For example, anything built in Next or React that is rendered server-side.

    I realized I was using the same/similar cache instance in react-contentful, react-request-block, and a new package that I am currently writing, so it just made sense to make this its own package.


    Via npm

    npm install --save creature-cache

    Via Yarn

    yarn add creature-cache

    How to use

    There really isn’t anything too magical about this package. Just a Map instance with a bit of an interface around it to handle initializing, accessing and extracting the current cached values.


    Intializing a new creature-cache instance is pretty straight forward. Just create your new instance, and optionally include a cache value to rehydrate the cache with.

    The cache can be an Array, Object, or a string that can converted back into an object. Internally, this package uses flatted to parse the string and build the internal Map instance.

    import Cache from 'creature-cache';
    const cache = new Cache();
    ... [go nuts]


    • clear(): Cache - Clear the internal cache Map and return a reference back to Cache instance so methods can be chained.

    • extract(): Array - Extract the internal cache Map as an array.

    • has(key): boolean - Check to see if the cache has an instance for the key provided.

    • read(key): any - Read the cached value associated to the provided key.

    • restore(cache): Cache - In the event you want to restore a cache after an instance has been initialized, call this.

    • write(key, value): Cache - Write a cache value to the associated key.


    MIT © Ryan Hefner


    npm i creature-cache

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