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Starter Kit

This package contains a starter kit for bootstrapping a new project with vite-plugin-web-extension.

npm create vite-plugin-web-extension
pnpm create vite-plugin-web-extension
yarn create vite-plugin-web-extension


When making changes to this package, you can run the starter kit via the start script. You'll likely want to run it against your fork, like so:

pnpm start --repo <your-https-remote-url> --branch <your-branch-name>

If you're not working off a fork (basically just for maintainers with direct access to the repo), you can use:

pnpm start --branch <your-branch-name>

Adding/Fixing Templates

You do not need to publish an update the the NPM package to add or fix templates. Templates are consumed by the create command by cloning the main branch of the repo - so changes just need to be merged into main!

Here's the steps the starter kit follows to create a project using a template:

  1. Clone the repo
  2. Get a list of templates from the templates/templates.json file via the raw github URL
  3. Copy templates/shared folder into the project folder
  4. Copy the templates/<template-name> folder into the project folder (overwriting any files from the shared folder)

To add a new template, add a new folder inside templates directory named after the template name, and add files for that template inside it.

All templates should result in a similar extension, see the other templates for an example.


When making change to the indext.ts or src directory, a deployment is required.

To deploy, use the "Publish Starter Kit" action on GitHub. It will verify all the templates build successfully, bump the version, then deploy the package to NPM.




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