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Welcome to create-sveltek-app!

A simple CLI tool for generating opinionated SvelteKit apps with your favourite apps already configured.

🔥 Features 🔥

  • TypeScript - Type-safe code
  • Tailwind CSS - Style your app with ease
  • Prisma - Ensuring your databases are primed and ready
  • mdsvex - Markdown meets Svelte
  • Auth.js - Secure your apps, because safety is cool
  • Playwright - Reliable end-to-end testing made easy
  • Vitest - Vite centered testing framework
    • Eslint - Keep that code clean and error-free
  • Prettier - And keep it styled
  • ... and more!

It also supports a variety of databases including PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQLite, MongoDB, and CockroachDB.

Getting Started

With npm:

npm create sveltekit-app@latest

With yarn:

yarn create sveltekit-app

With pnpm:

pnpm create sveltekit-app

And that's it! Just follow the interactive prompts to select your options, including your favourites like Tailwind CSS, Prisma, mdsvex, and more.


  • Generate a SvelteKit app with TypeScript: streamline your workflow and focus on what matters most!
  • Flexibly add Tailwind CSS, Prisma, mdsvex, Auth.js, and more: the power is in your hands!
  • Interactive prompts for customizing your app: tailor-make your creation to suit your vision!


create-sveltek-app was inspired by create-t3-app and builds upon some of its code. A big thanks to the open-source community!

Stay tuned for further enhancements and happy coding with create-sveltek-app!

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