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    Another static site generator:

    $ npm install create-static-web -g
    $ web
    Transformations Features
    .liquid .hbs.html • Works out of the box
    .md + layout:.html • Livereload
    .scss .sass.min.css • Extensible with hooks [WIP]
    .src.js.min.js [WIP] • Basic compatibility with Jekyll

    Getting Started

    Create your

    layout: hello.hbs
    Front-matter enabled website

    Also your _hello.hbs file:

    <p>{{ body }}</p>

    Voila! Your site should be ready to go:

    <p>Front-matter enabled website</p>


    Clone this repo and run web:

    $ npm install create-static-web -g
    $ git clone
    $ cd create-static-web
    $ web      # The browser will open with this readme

    Automatic compilation

    The command web will automatically compile some extensions (explained below). Except if they also start by an underscore. Then they will be considered partials and not be rendered by default.

    Liquid template

    These will be rendered (excluding Partials) into a file with the same name and the extension html:

    • ./index.liquid./index.html
    • ./demo.liquid./demo.html
    • ./blog/index.liquid./blog/index.html

    They will receive the data as specified in the Data Specification:

    // index.liquid
    <!DOCTYPE html>

    SASS and SCSS

    The style files (excluding Partials) will be compiled to a file with the same name in the same folder, with the extension .min.css:

    • ./style.scss./style.min.css
    • ./demo.scss./demo.min.css
    • ./blog/style.scss./blog/style.min.css

    Then you have to include it in your template as normal:

    // index.hbs
    <!DOCTYPE html>
        <link rel="stylesheet" href="/style.min.css">

    Files ending with these extensions will be automatically compiled:

    .liquid, .hbs, .sass, .scss

    They are compiled to the same folder with the same filename. SASS and SCSS will add a .min to the extension to differentiate in case you have any .css.


    Partials are useful in two situation: as layouts and to be included in another files.

    Data Specification

    A file called static.config.js in the same folder where the script is being run will be loaded as a configuration script.

    Front Matter

    There is a special variable called content (aliased as body) which represents the Markdown content as html into your template:

    // index.liquid
    <!DOCTYPE html>
        {{ body }}


    npm i create-static-web

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