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    Create reSolve App 🚀

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    This package creates an empty reSolve application. Use the --example option to create an application based on an example or template project. ReSolve applications comply with the CQRS and Event Sourcing principles and use React + Redux on the client side by default.

    Create reSolve App allows you to specify application blocks (aggregates, read models, and UI elements (React components)) in a semi-declarative manner. The @resolve-js/scripts package deploys API backend and domain services to interact with the client. The @resolve-js/redux package automates the client-server interaction.

    Refer to the React/Redux Links document for details on subject-related technologies and links to the corresponding resources.

    Available options:

    • --example <folder> - create an application based on an example or project template. The default is the react template project.
    • --branch <branch> or --commit <sha> - use the example code from the specific branch or commit.
    • --typescript or -t - create a TypeScript project.
    • --version or -V - show the version number.

    Quick Overview 🔎

    Note: Installing a package globally may require administrative privileges. This means you have to use the sudo command for Unix-based systems or run a terminal with administrative privileges on Windows systems.

    npm i -g create-resolve-app
    create-resolve-app my-resolve-app
    cd my-resolve-app
    npm run dev


    After that, your app (the http://localhost:3000/ URL) opens in the default browser.

    Getting Started

    Create an App

    Create a new reSolve application in one of the following ways:

    • yarn:

      yarn create resolve-app my-resolve-app
    • npx:

      npx create-resolve-app my-resolve-app
    • npm:

      npm i -g create-resolve-app
      create-resolve-app my-resolve-app

    This creates the my-resolve-app directory in the current directory and places your new app into it.

    Available Scripts 📋

    Run in the Development Mode

    Once the installation completes, you can start your app by running npm run dev or yarn dev in your application directory.

    This runs the app in the development mode. Open the http://localhost:3000 URL to view it in your default browser.

    The page reloads as you edit source code files. All errors appear in the console.

    Build and Optimize for Production

    The npm run build or yarn build command builds the client and server bundles for production using Webpack.

    Building is performed in the NODE_ENV === 'production' mode, so the build is optimized.

    The HTTP server for the serving client bundle and assets is not included.

    Run the App From the Build Directory

    npm start or yarn start

    Run Unit Tests with Jest

    npm test or yarn test

    Run Functional Tests with TestCafe

    npm run test:functional or yarn test:functional

    User Guide

    The resolve-create-app script adds a copy of the User Guide to your project folder as the file.



    npm i create-resolve-app

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