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Install (make sure you have the latest yarn version)

yarn create nice-app 

Create-nice-app spins up a very simple little webapp, great for throwing together quick working ideas or starting new projects from scratch. It is designed to work well out of the box and take care of all tedious boilerplate. It's really easy to swap pieces out so this serves as a really nice modern fullstack Javascript boilerplate generator.

What you're getting:


  • React 15.5+
  • SCSS
  • React Router 4


  • Express


  • Jest 20
  • Enzyme


  • Yarn
  • Webpack 2
  • Babel
  • Eslint w/ a modified Airbnb's eslint config

Yarn Scripts available:

name what it does
lint runs eslint using a slightly modified airbnb eslint config
test runs both the client and server tests via jest
test:coverage same as above but passing the --coverage flag to jest
test:client run the client or frontend tests
test:server run the server or backend tests
presendCoverage merges the client and server code coverages to one lcov
sendCoverage I don't know how you do code coverage, but however you do it do it here
webpack runs the production webpack bundle
webpack:watch runs the development webpack bundle which has watch enabled
server runs the server for production via the node command with NODE_ENV set to 'prodution'
server:watch runs the server for development with nodemon and NODE_ENV set to 'development'
prod runs the build command and starts the production server
dev runs all the watchers in parrelel for local development