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Create Git Project

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A generator to initialize a project with git.


  • Initalize git repo
  • Create .gitignore from templates
  • Setup a remote origin
  • Create first commit
  • Push to repo


$ npm init git

# or

$ npx create-git

# or

$ npm install -g create-git
$ create-git

CLI Usage

$ create-git --help

initalize a git repo

  --help                        Show help                              [boolean]
  --version                     Show version number                    [boolean]
  --cwd, -d                     Directory to run in     [default: process.cwd()]
  --primary-branch, -b          Primary branch for repo [string] [default: main]
  --initial-commit-message, -m  Message for initial commit              [string]
  --remote-origin, -o           Git remote origin                       [string]
  --ignore-templates, -t        Ignore templates from
                                                       [default: Node.gitignore]
  --additional-rules            comma separated list of ignore lines    [string]
  --ignore-existing             Ignore existing .gitignore and package.json
                                files                           [default: false]
  --commit-all                  Commit all files (not just the new .gitignore
                                                       [boolean] [default: true]
  --push                        Push to remote origin when complete
                                                       [boolean] [default: true]

Programmatic Usage

const createGit = require('create-git')

await createGit({
  primartBranch: 'main',
  ignoreExisting: false,
  initialCommitMessage: '',
  remoteOrigin: '', // Will also load from the package.json repository field
  ignoreTemplates: ['Node.gitignore'],
  additionalRules: [],
  push: true,
  commitAll: true

Composition with other create-* packages

This generator is built on top of opta, a helper library for collecting user input from multiple interfaces: CLI via yargs, interactive prompts via inquirer and via a JS interface. To compose with other opta based input collection, you can use .options to access the cli/prompt/js configurations.

const createGit = require('create-git')
const opta = require('opta')

// My wrapper which asks github username and repo to
// generate the `remoteOrigin`
const opts = opta({
  commandDescription: 'Create github repo',
  options: {
    // Spread the options from createGit

    // Add our additional prompts
    githubOrg: {
      prompt: {
        message: 'GitHub User/Org:'
    githubRepo: {
      prompt: {
        message: 'GitHub repo:'

    // Override createGit.options.remoteOrigin
    remoteOrigin: {
      default: (promptInput, allInput) => {
        return `${allInput.githubOrg}/${allInput.githubRepo}`

// Our generator main
module.exports = async function (input) {
  // Add our input as overrides on the opta instance

  // Prompt the user,
  // by overriding remoteOrigin's default above
  // it will now ask for the org and repo first,
  // then set the default for the remote origin
  // based on that input
  await options.prompt()

  // Get the current values from the opta instance
  let opts = options.values()

  // Call create git
  await createGit(opts)

For more information check out the docs for opta.

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