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The creative environment CLI

This command-line interface was created so that the installation of the creative environment Creenv is easier for you.

1. Installation

If you're on windows, I recommend that you start using cmder: a functional / good-looking console emulator, making your console experience finaly decent. You will need node and npm to be able to work with this project. Fortunatly, npm comes with node which is easy to install, so go for it. If you have no idea on what node and npm are, i strongly recommend that you read a paper to have an idea on what those tools do.

Open your terminal. We will first install create-creenv globaly.

npm install -g create-creenv

(if you're on windows you may want to restart your console at this point). Navigate to the folder you want to create your project in.

cd /path/to/my/folder

Run the create-creenv command. This will create a folder, named by the argument you give to create-creenv, which will contain your project.

create-creenv my-super-project

And you're done. From now, I recommend that you check the boilerplate page to understand how to use this starter project :)

2. Options

Options were not implemented yet. If you think something is required feel free to leave a word in the corresponding section !


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