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Bootstrap a Typescript CDK configuration into an existing project, or a new project!


Getting Started

Run the following command in your project root to bootstrap a CDK configuration with minimal defaults


npx create-cdkts --yes


yarn create cdkts --yes


pnpm create cdkts --yes

This will install the minimal required dependencies, with a minimal configuration into your existing project. It will

  • add your CDK files to the a directory called cdk/
  • add a CDK specific tsconfig.json to the cdk/ directory
  • create a cdk.json file in your project root
  • add a deploy script to your package.json
  • add an exclude rule for your CDK files in the project root tsconfig.json if it exists.
  • Install the minimal required dependencies

The default configuration will not install a test framework, but you can optionally install one if needed.


You can get the basic create-cdkts options by running

npx create-cdkts --help

This will output the following

create cdk typescript

Usage: npx create-cdkts [options]

If no options are specified the CLI will enter interactive mode and ask
configuration questions.

Basic options:

-c, --config <filename>                 Use a config file instead of CLI
-n, --name <string>                     CDK project name, will default to
                                        project root directory name
-r, --root <dirname>                    The root directory of the project you
                                        want to configure CDK for. Defaults
                                        to the current working directory.
-d, --dir <dirname>                     Directory to write CDK template
                                        files to. Defaults to "./cdk"
-t, --test <vitest|jest|none>           Which test framework to include.
                                        Default  is none.
-p, --package-manager <npm|yarn|pnpm|auto>
                                        Explicitely specify the package
                                        manager to use when installing
                                        dependencies. Valid options are npm,
                                        yarn, pnpm and auto detect. Defaults
                                        to auto. If unable to detect any, will
                                        use npm.
-y, --yes                               Run using all the default settings.
-h, --help                              Show this help message


# scaffold a CDK project in the directory 'new-project' to use ES modules
# with the CDK files placed in ./src/cdk/ directory
npx create-cdkts --root new-project/ --dir src/cdk


* If the root directory specified already has a package.json file it will
  intergrate with the existing project and add config into package.json

* If it detects that there is an existing CDK configuration it will abort
  installation. This behaviour can be toggled with the --overide option

* The CLI will attempt to determine which package manager is in use on the
  project, if it can't it will default to npm. This behaviour can be
  overridden explicitely through to -p option.

New Projects

Currently create-cdkts does not bootstrap an entirely new project from scratch. If you want to bootstrap a new CDK project with a minimal configuration simply run the following

npm init -y
npx create-cdkts -y

The npm init -y command will bootstrap a new empty project that you can install your CDK dependencies into.


Why create a new bootstrap for CDK projects? CDK has it's own bootstrap command, but it's limited.

create-cdkts allows you to integrate CDK into an existing project easily in a more flexible way. This is ideal when wanting to migrate to CDK, or use CDK to deploy the infrastructure for modern web frameworks.

Optional test framework.

Options are vitest, jest or none. If your project is already using a test framework, it won't force one on your. It also adds support for vitest which has better TypeScript support, and is more performant than jest

Package Manager Detection

It can detect which package manager is being used, and install dependencies using your preferred package manager. It has support for npm, yarn and pnpm

Isolated TypeScript configuration

It creates it's own tsconfig.json file specifically for CDK. Integrating CDK with other frameworks, especially web frameworks, which have their own TypeScript config can cause conflicts between the two configurations. create-cdkts makes it easier to isolate CDK's TypeScript config from the rest of your project.

Smaller footprint

The default CDK App bootstrap creates multiple files and folders, many of which are unnecessary. create-cdkts has a smaller footprint that makes it easy to add and remove it from an existing project.

What it does

  • Creates a single directory with default name cdk/, that you can change, containing

    • tsconfig.json with CDK specific settings
    • cdk.ts which is your CDK App entry file. This is the entry point into your CDK config will use
    • stack.ts a simple example CDK stack configuration
  • Adds cdk.json file to the root of your project, that is configured to use the tsconfig.json configuration and cdk.ts entry point in your CDK directory.

  • If a tsconfig.json configuration exists in your project root folder it will update it to add your CDK directory to the excludes property.

  • Add a script called deploy with the value cdk deploy -all to your package.json so you can type npm run deploy to trigger a CDK deploy.

  • Install the following base development dependencies using the package manager already in use in the project. aws-cdk@latest aws-cdk-lib@latest typescript@latest constructs@latest ts-node@latest

  • Depending on test framework it will install either

    • vitest@latest if Vitest is selected
    • jest@latest ts-jest@latest if Jest is selected
    • Add a jest.config.json file to the project root if jest is selected
  • Update .gitignore and .npmignore in the root of your project to exclude CDK working directories


  • [ ] Add clean install into a new project
  • [ ] Add interactive install options



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