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Scaffold a new AdonisJS application using starter kits

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Starter kits

You can use between one of the following official starter kits, or bring your own using the --kit flag.

  • api : AdonisJS application tailored for building HTTP APIs.
  • web : AdonisJS application tailored for building server-side rendered applications.
  • slim : Smallest possible AdonisJS application. Still way more powerful and batteries included than a express application.
  • inertia: AdonisJS application tailored for building applications using InertiaJS and your favorite frontend framework (Vue, React, Svelte, Solid).


# Using npm
npm init adonisjs

# Using yarn
yarn create adonisjs

# Using pnpm
pnpm create adonisjs



You can pass the destination directory as the first argument to the command. For example:

npm init adonisjs my-app

This argument is optional and the command will prompt you to enter the directory name if not provided.

Note - The directory must be empty otherwise the command will fail.

--kit (Default: Triggers prompt for selection)

If you want to use your own starter kit hosted on Github, Gitlab, or Bitbucket, you can use the --kit flag to define the repo URL.

# Download from GitHub
npm init adonisjs -- --kit="github:github_user/repo"

# Github is the default provider, so if not specified, it will be assumed as github
npm init adonisjs -- --kit="github_user/repo"

# Download from GitLab
npm init adonisjs -- --kit="gitlab:user/repo"

# Download from BitBucket
npm init adonisjs -- --kit="bitbucket:user/repo"

You can also pass specify the branch or tag name as follows:

# Branch name
npm init adonisjs -- --kit="github:github_user/repo#branch-name"

# Tag name
npm init adonisjs -- --kit="github:github_user/repo#v1.0.0"

--token (Default: undefined)

If you are using a custom starter kit hosted on a private repository, then you can pass the authentication token as follows:

npm init adonisjs -- --kit="github:github_user/repo" --token="github_token"

--pkg (Default: Auto detects)

We are trying to detect the package manager used by your project. However, if you want to force a specific package manager, then you can pass it as follows:

npm init adonisjs -- --pkg="yarn"

--auth-guard (Default: Triggers prompt for selection)

Specify a custom auth guard to use when using the api stater kit. One of the following options are allowed

  • session
  • access_tokens
npm init adonisjs -- --kit="api" --auth-guard="access_tokens"

--db (Default: Triggers prompt for selection)

Specify the database dialect to configure with Lucid. One of the following options are allowd.

  • sqlite
  • mysql
  • mssql
  • postgres
npm init adonisjs -- --kit="web" --db="mysql"

Other options

Option Description
--install Install dependencies. A prompt will be shown when the flag is not mentioned explicitly.
--git-init Initialize git repository.
--no-install Explicitly opt out from installing dependencies and skip the prompt
--verbose Enable verbose mode to display all logs

Debugging errors

If creating a new project fails, then you must re-run the same command with the --verbose flag to view all the logs.

npm init adonisjs -- --verbose


One of the primary goals of AdonisJS is to have a vibrant community of users and contributors who believes in the principles of the framework.

We encourage you to read the contribution guide before contributing to the framework.

Code of Conduct

In order to ensure that the AdonisJS community is welcoming to all, please review and abide by the Code of Conduct.


create-adonisjs is open-sourced software licensed under the MIT license.

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