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    CrabSave | Yet Another UGC Downloader With GUI

    CrabSave is a B/S application to download UGC (User-generated content) from several sites, mainly focus on media contents. With features like multitasking, breakpoint resume, and download history management.



    You could use CrabSave as a CLI tool

    npm i -g crabsave

    You could also use it programmatically

    npm i crabsave


    To use from CLI command

    crabsave [-p ${Port to deploy the web server}] [-d ${Path to store settings}]
    crabsave -h # for help
    # Example
    crabsave -p 8000

    Or use it programmatically

    const CrabSave = require('crabsave')
    	PortWeb? : 8000,
    	Data? : 'Path to an existing directory'

    And then a local web server localhost:8000 will be deployed and can be visited from browsers (that support WebSocket). We involve a simple Token facility here to ensure that only the owner can operate, and you can find the initial token in the Data Folder



    • Option : Object
      • PortWeb : number Optional. Port to deploy the Web Server.
      • Data : string Optional. Path to store settings and databases. See Data Folder Structure
      • GoogleAPIKey : string Optional. Your own Google API Key in case the bundled key exceeds the call limits.
    • Returns : Object


    Basic usage

    The basic usage would be like

    • Paste the link or type in the keywords
    • Select posts by clicking their cover images to download or Ctrl+a to select all shown posts, where selected posts could be viewed from the Cold list
    • Commit tasks from the Cold list to the Hot list to start downloading

    Check folder Site for supported sites

    Keyword input

    We support multiple ways to locate the posts to download here

    • Enter the link of the post (eg.
    • Enter the link of the uploader (eg.,
    • Enter keyword command (eg. YouTube kobvF5cs6xY, YouTube User ChromeDevelopers, YouTube Channel UCnUYZLuoy1rq1aVMwx4aTzw)
    • There are also several aliases for some supported sites, which means you can type it shorter (eg. Y kobvF5cs6xY, y uSer ChromeDevelopers, y channel UCnUYZLuoy1rq1aVMwx4aTzw)
    • As you may notice from examples above, site names and command names are case insensitive.
    • Providing Cookies will unlock more to do for each site (eg. y subscription or simply y to view the list just the same as browsing, y fo to view subscribed channels)
    • We also embedded the searching feature since the input looks like those search bars (eg. y find love will ask YouTube to search for contents related to love)

    File name format

    The default format is |Up|.|Date|.|Title|?.|PartIndex|??.|PartTitle|??.|FileIndex|?
    Where |FieldName| will be replaced by its value. ?OptionalPart? only effects if all FieldName it contains exist.
    All available fields are shown below

    Field Description
    |ID| ID of a post
    |Site| Site of a post
    |Title| The title
    |Up| Name of the uploader or channel
    |Y| The year of the created date (in local timezone)
    |M| The month of the created date (in local timezone)
    |D| The day of the created date (in local timezone)
    |H| The hour of the created date (in local timezone)
    |N| The minute of the created date (in local timezone)
    |S| The seconds of the created date (in local timezone)
    |Date| Shortcut of `
    |PartIndex| (Optional) The index of a subpart counted from 0
    |PartTitle| (Optional) The title of a subpart
    |FileIndex| (Optional) The index of a file in a part, counted from 0. It will be null when all files in a part having different extension (specially for DASH videos)
    |Type| (Optional) Meta for metadata, Cover for cover image, otherwise null


    Data Folder Structure

    Default location
    Windows %AppData%/ZED/CrabSave
    Unix $HOME/.local/share/ZED/CrabSave
    Mac $HOME/Library/Preferences/ZED/CrabSave

    +-- Key # The authorization token, randomly generated on the first run
    +-- DB.db # The database of tasks
    +-- Setting.json
    +-- ShortCut.json
    +-- Cookie.json # Cookie settings



    From this version, we do NOT ONLY focusing on video or audio data, we also supported to save infomation related to posts including Metadata and Cover Images. Also, posts without video or audio (eg. text only) are able to be saved now.

    Updates from V0

    The current version is a rewrite of the previous version (on branch V0) with few major differences

    • Drop the usage of Electron and publish it as an NPM package. We find out that it is not necessary to involve a desktop application. Separating to B/S makes it easy to initiate downloads remotely
    • Use SQLite3 instead of NeDB. NeDB is a nice DB choice, but since it won't compress its journal, we switch to SQLite3 instead. The disk usage is pretty the same, for 32000+ tasks, their file sizes are both around 52MB


    Example : Custom Web Server

    Required dependencies

    npm i express


    const CrabSave = require('crabsave')
    const Express = require('express')
    const HTTP = require('http')
    const WS = require('ws')
    const Save = CrabSave({...})
    const Exp = Express().use('/Play',Save.Exp())
    const Server = HTTP.createServer(Exp).listen(8000)
    new WS.Server({server : Server,path : '/Play/'})

    And now you can visit from localhost:8000/Play




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