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CPR (cp -R)

There are other modules out there that attempt this, but none did it the way I needed it to be done or they had issues and the author failed to fix them in a timely manner.


npm install cpr

Build Status

Build Status


var cpr = require('cpr');
var cpr = require('cpr').cpr; //Back compat 
cpr('/path/from', '/path/to', {
    deleteFirst: true, //Delete "to" before 
    overwrite: true, //If the file exists, overwrite it 
    confirm: true //After the copy, stat all the copied files to make sure they are there 
}, function(err, files) {
    //err - The error if any (err.list might be available with an array of errors for more detailed information) 
    //files - List of files that we copied 
cpr('/path/from', '/path/to', function(err, files) {
    //err - The error if any (err.list might be available with an array of errors for more detailed information) 
    //      In the case of an error, cpr continues to copy files but returns this error object with all of the files that it failed to copy. 
    //files - List of files that we copied 


All options default to false.

  • deleteFirst: Delete the to directory with rimraf
  • overwrite: If the destination exists, overwrite it
  • confirm: After the copy operation, stat all the files and report errors if any are missing
  • filter: RegExp or function to test each file against before copying


If you give it a RegExp, it will use that to test the filename as they are being gathered. If it passes, it will be removed. If you give it a function, it will use that with Array.filter on the list of files.


cpr can also be used from the command line which is useful for cross platform support.


cpr <source> <destination> [options]

Copies files from source to destination.


  • -d, --delete-first: Delete the destination directory before copying.
  • -f <regex>, --filter <regex>: Filter out any items that match <regex>, a case-insensitive regex pattern.
  • -h, --help: Display this usage info.
  • -o, --overwrite: Overwrite the destination exists if it exists.
  • -v, --version: Display the cpr version.

Note that the CLI's filter option is simpler than the original NodeJS API, only accepting case-insensitive regular expression patterns and not functions.