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CppUnitLite - lite c++ testing framework

This is a modified version of CppUnitLite


Use CppUnitLite to add unit tests to the c++ side of a node addon.


Install cppunitlite with npm. It has no package dependencies, but requires node-gyp to be installed and working.

$ npm i --save-dev cppunitlite
npm http GET
npm http 304

> cppunitlite@0.0.3 install Z:\code\node_modules\cppunitlite
> node-gyp rebuild

... platform dependent stuff ...
cppunitlite@0.0.3 node_modules\cppunitlite

Changes to your binding.gyp

Add a test target to your binding.gyp:

  'target_name': 'test',
  'type': 'executable',
  'sources': [
    # your test files
  'include_dirs': [
    # your project include files
    '<!(node -e "require(\'cpppunitlite\')'
  'dependencies': [

A test main

CppUnitLite does not provide a main() function, but it's easy to write a minimal one; for example:

#include "CppUnitLite/TestHarness.h"

int main()
    TestResult tr;

    return 0;

Write Unit Tests

The include directories are set up so that the CppUnitLite headers should be included with a path.

#include "CppUnitLite/TestHarness.h"

#include <string>

static inline SimpleString StringFrom(const std::string& value)
	return SimpleString(value.c_str());

TEST( Hello, world )
  std::string s1("Hello"), s2("Hello"), s3("world");

  CHECK_EQUAL(s1, s2);
  CHECK_EQUAL(s2, s1);

  CHECK(s1 != s3);

Version history

Original version from Michael Feathers

Some documentation here:

Modified version by Keith Bauer, published as an SVN repository

Imported to git 2014-01-19 and pushed to github