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    Build bitcoin transactions

    Usage: cosign [options] COMMAND [command parameters]

    Options: -f, --file Load/store transaction state to/from FILE

    Theory of operation

    All operation revolves around an internal database, which is modified via execution of a command operation: 1. cosign reads transaction state file (JSON). Default "txstatedb.json". 2. cosign executes command given on command line, updating transaction state. 3. cosign writes transaction state file, overwriting previous version.

    "transaction state" is anything involving the given transaction being built, examined or modified.

    A session begins when a new database is initialized, using the "init" command.


    node.js --

    node modules ("npm install $module_name"): optimist libcoin --

    cosign command summary

    If the command notes "(RPC)", that indicates bitcoind wallet and RPC are used. If the command notes "(JSON)", that indicates a local, AES-encrypted JSON wallet file is used.

    clean Remove transaction state database, and any associated temporary files.

    dump Inspect transaction state database.

    help List this command summary.

    init Initialize new transaction state database.

    inputs TXID1 VOUT1 TXID2 VOUT2... Raw transaction building. Append to list of TX inputs.

    inputs.clear Clear list of TX inputs.

    multisig N-REQUIRED KEY1 KEY2 KEY3... Begin new multi-sig tx

    nreq N-REQUIRED Specify number of sigs required for a multisig tx

    outputs ADDRESS1 VALUE1 ADDRESS2 VALUE2... Raw transaction building. Append to list of TX outputs.

    outputs.clear Clear list of TX outputs.

    pubkey.get ADDRESS

    Obtain full pubkey, given bitcoin address (pubkey hash),
    from bitcoind wallet (RPC) or local wallet file (JSON).

    pubkeys KEY1 KEY2 KEY3... Append to list of pubkeys / bitcoin addresses

    pubkeys.clear Clear list of pubkeys.

    raw SERIALIZED-TX Input serialized transaction from command line

    raw.append FILE Append FILE to in-memory serialized transaction data.

    raw.clear Clear serialized tx data.

    raw.create create raw transaction, given inputs and outputs.

    raw.decode (RPC) decode raw transaction to readable JSON object.

    raw.get TXID (RPC) get raw transaction, given hash txid. FILE Input serialized transaction from file.

    raw.send (RPC) broadcast raw transaction to network, returning a transaction id.

    raw.sign anyonecanpay sign raw transaction, if possible. Uses keys in bitcoind's wallet.

    If the optional argument "anyonecanpay" is supplied,
    outputs are locked, but third party inputs may change.

    raw.write FILE Output serialized transaction to file.

    wallet.msig (RPC, JSON) Commit in-memory multisig data (N-Required, Keys) to wallet, returning a multisig payment address.

    Encryption (walletpassphrase) note

    The user is expected to authenticate with bitcoind RPC prior to using this tool, if this tool will require access to private keys for the operation (e.g. signing).


    npm i cosign

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