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    Cordova plugin for Vidinoti Push integration with Android

    This plugin can be used together with the cordova-plugin-pixlive. It adds the support for the Android push notifications. Previously, it was directly integrated within the cordova-plugin-pixlive but has been decoupled.

    This plugin requires the Vidinoti SDK version >= 6.4.0

    How to use

    1. Install and follow the instructions for the cordova-plugin-pixlive.

    2. Connect to the Firebase Console. Create a new Firebase project and download the google-services.json file.

    3. Place the google-services.json file in the root folder of your cordova project.

    4. Install the plugin

       cordova plugin add cordova-plugin-vidinoti-push

    What does the plugin

    1. Add required dependencies in gradle files
    2. Copy Java classes (Android services) VidinotiInstanceIDListenerService and VidinotiFcmListenerService
    3. Add the Android services to the AndroidManifest.xml file
    4. In the "after prepare" hook scripts, it takes the google-services.json file and copy it to platforms/android
    5. In the "after prepare" hook scripts, it takes the google-services.json file and extracts the Google app ID and key. It then writes them in the Android strings.xml file

    How to contribute and create a new release

    • Edit the plugin as needed
    • Update the version number in plugin.xml and package.json
    • Commit and push the changes to GitHub
    • Create a new release from GitHub interface (releases > Draft a new release)
    • Publish the release to npm registry (if necessary npm login): npm publish

    Release note

    Version 0.1.2 - 27 February 2020

    Set firebase dependencies version

    Version 0.1.1 - 18 April 2018

    Fix the plugin such that it can be correctly removed.

    Version 0.1.0 - 25 June 2018

    Initial release


    npm i cordova-plugin-vidinoti-push

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