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    Scanbot Document and Barcode Scanner SDK for Cordova

    Add enterprise-grade document and barcode scanning as well as data capture functionalities to your app in no time

    The Scanbot Document and Barcode Scanner SDK for Cordova enables you to easily implement scanning, document creation, and data extraction functionalities for your apps on iOS and Android.

    Access the available cameras on the mobile device, choose the interface, configure the settings, and let your users easily scan any document, barcode, or other data in your application.

    Benefit from advanced machine-learning based features like automatic scanning, perspective correction, user guidance, automated cropping, multiple export formats like PDF, TIFF, JPEG; blur detection, image filters, encryption, and much more...

    Check out the demo.

    Documentation & Example App

    To integrate this module into your application please follow the steps in our documentation and check out our example app.


    For a detailed list of the changes included in each version, please see the changelog.

    License and Support

    Scanbot SDK is a commercial product and comes with full technical support if you have any questions or need help integrating: It will run without a license for one minute per session. Get a free trial license to evaluate and integrate it into your project.


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