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    This plugin is a wrapper of the very helpful Swift framework PermissionScope. It defines a global PermissionScope object, which permits to requesting permissions from users.


    cordova plugin add cordova-plugin-permissionScope --save

    The iOS part is written in Swift and the Swift support plugin is configured as a dependency.

    ⚠️ Because this plugin doesn't support Swift 3 at the moment, the following preference has to be added in your project :

    <preference name="UseLegacySwiftLanguageVersion" value="true" />

    Supported Platforms

    • iOS


    PermissionScope.init(config, success, error)

    Inits and customizes the dialog and all the alerts displayed from direct requests. If called without any parameter then the default config is restored.

    The following properties are available:

    Property Comment
    headerLabel Header UILabel with the message "Hey, listen!" by default.
    bodyLabel Header UILabel with the message "We need a couple things\r\nbefore you get started." by default.
    closeButtonTitle Title for the close button. "Close" by default.
    closeButtonTextColor Hex color code for the close button's text color (ie: #cccccc).
    closeOffset Offset used to position the Close button (ie: {-200,0}).
    permissionButtonTextColor Hex color code for the permission buttons' text color (ie: #cccccc).
    permissionButtonBorderColor Hex color code for the permission buttons' border color (ie: #cccccc).
    permissionButtonΒorderWidth Border width for the permission buttons.
    permissionButtonCornerRadius Corner radius for the permission buttons.
    permissionLabelColor Hex color code for the permission labels' text color (ie: #cccccc).
    authorizedButtonColor Hex color code used for permission buttons with authorized status (ie: #cccccc).
    unauthorizedButtonColor Hex color code used for permission buttons with unauthorized status. By default, inverse of authorizedButtonColor (ie: #cccccc).
    deniedAlertTitle Title for the denied alert.
    deniedAlertMessage Message for the denied alert.
    deniedCancelActionTitle Title for the denied alert's cancel button. "OK" by default.
    deniedDefaultActionTitle Title for the denied alert's default button. "Show me" by default.
    disabledAlertTitle Title for the disabled alert.
    disabledAlertMessage Message for the disabled alert.
    disabledCancelActionTitle Title for the disabled alert's cancel button. "OK" by default.
    disabledDefaultActionTitle Title for the disabled alert's default button. "Show me" by default., error)

    Displays the permissions dialog if permissions have to be approved else does nothing.

    PermissionScope.add<TYPE>Permission(message, success, error)

    The following methods permit to set up permissions asked from the dialog :

    • PermissionScope.addNotificationsPermission(message, success, error)
    • PermissionScope.addLocationInUsePermission(message, success, error)
    • PermissionScope.addLocationAlwaysPermission(message, success, error)
    • PermissionScope.addContactsPermission(message, success, error)
    • PermissionScope.addEventsPermission(message, success, error)
    • PermissionScope.addMicrophonePermission(message, success, error)
    • PermissionScope.addCameraPermission(message, success, error)
    • PermissionScope.addPhotosPermission(message, success, error)
    • PermissionScope.addRemindersPermission(message, success, error)
    • PermissionScope.addBluetoothPermission(message, success, error)
    • PermissionScope.addMotionPermission(message, success, error)

    Message is a label displayed below the permission button. Its goal is to explain why a permission has to be approved.

    PermissionScope.request<TYPE>Permission(success, error)

    The following methods permit to check whether a particular permission has been granted else it displays an alert :

    • PermissionScope.requestNotificationsPermission(success, error)
    • PermissionScope.requestLocationInUsePermission(success, error)
    • PermissionScope.requestLocationAlwaysPermission(success, error)
    • PermissionScope.requestContactsPermission(success, error)
    • PermissionScope.requestEventsPermission(success, error)
    • PermissionScope.requestMicrophonePermission(success, error)
    • PermissionScope.requestCameraPermission(success, error)
    • PermissionScope.requestPhotosPermission(success, error)
    • PermissionScope.requestRemindersPermission(success, error)
    • PermissionScope.requestBluetoothPermission(success, error)
    • PermissionScope.requestMotionPermission(success, error)


      headerLabel: 'Hello',
      bodyLabel: 'Before you get started',
      closeButtonTextColor: '#cccccc',
      closeButtonTitle: 'Return',
      permissionButtonTextColor: '#30ab7d',
      permissionButtonBorderColor: '#30ab7d',
      closeOffset: '{-200, 0}',
      authorizedButtonColor: '#cccccc',
      unauthorizedButtonColor: '#c2262d',
      permissionButtonCornerRadius: '20',
      permissionLabelColor: '#ff5500',
      permissionButtonΒorderWidth: '5',
      deniedCancelActionTitle: 'Cancel',
      deniedDefaultActionTitle: 'Settings',
      deniedAlertTitle: 'Permission',
      deniedAlertMessage: 'Please enable all the permissions',
      disabledCancelActionTitle: 'Cancel',
      disabledDefaultActionTitle: 'Settings',
    PermissionScope.addBluetoothPermission('Please enable access to your Bluetooth');
    PermissionScope.addCameraPermission('Please enable access to your Camera');
    PermissionScope.addPhotosPermission('Please enable access to your Photos');;

    The result could be something like this :

    Here is the default version :

      denieddDefaultActionTitle: 'Settings'

    Here is what you should obtain if the permission has not been granted :


    An app is available in the tests/app folder and is generated from the Cordova Plugin TestFramework. It permits to launch auto tests and manual tests.

    To install it, please follow these steps :

    npm run install && cordova run --device


    npm i cordova-plugin-permissionScope

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