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    Application Insights plugin for Apache Cordova apps

    This plugin allows you to add an Application Insights to your Apache Cordova app. Application Insights is a techonogy that sends telemetry from your app to the Azure portal.

    More info about Application Insights technology could be found here

    To use this plugin you'll need an account in Microsoft Azure. You might already have access to a group account through your organization, or you might want to get a Pay-as-you-go account. (While Application Insights is in Preview, it's free.)

    For more API documentation see sample application and JSDoc for exposed functionality stored in www subfolder.

    Supported platforms

    • Android
    • iOS
    • Windows

    Sample usage

    Application Insights API is available through window.appInsights object. To start using it you don't have to initialize it, just start calling its' methods

    // This will send a custom-defined event to your appInsights account
    var eventData = { ButtonId: "trackSingleEvent", Timestamp: new Date() };
    appInsights.trackEvent('click', eventData);
    // This will send data about how long some action is performed
    // Emulate some long-running action through `setTimeout`
    setTimeout(function () {
         // When task is finished, call 'stopTrackEvent' with the same event as in 'startTrackEvent'
    }, 10000);
    // This will send an exception information to your appInsights account
    try {
        // Do some logic here which may
        throw new Error("Sample Error");
    } catch (err) {
        // Catch an error and send it to appInsights

    More information about AppInsights API could be found here

    Installation Instructions


    To build and run sample application

    • Clone this repository into a directory of your choice

      git clone

    • Create a cordova project and add the platforms you want to support

      cordova create AppInsightsSample --copy-from="cordova-plugin-appinsights/sample"

      cd AppInsightsSample

      cordova platform add android

      cordova platform add windows

      cordova platform add ios

    • Add the plugin to your project

      cordova plugin add ../cordova-plugin-appinsights

    • Set up intrumentation key for AppInsights API. Modify the following line in config.xml file at the project root

      <preference name="instrumentation_key" value="$INSTRUMENTATION_KEY">

    replace $INSTRUMENTATION_KEY with your key.

    • optional: install battery and network status plugins to track their events to AppInsights as well.

      cordova plugin add org.apache.cordova.battery-status

    • Build and run application: cordova run.


    Copyright (c) Microsoft Open Technologies, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0. See License.txt in the project root for license information.


    npm i cordova-plugin-ms-appinsights

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