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5.3.0 • Public • Published

Ionic Cordova SDK

Supported platforms: iOS, Android


cordova plugin add cordova-plugin-ionic --save --variable APP_ID="abcd1234" --variable CHANNEL_NAME="Master" --variable UPDATE_METHOD="background"

The plugin will be available on window as IonicCordova

Live Updates

Cordova Install Variables

  • APP_ID Required - Your Ionic Pro app ID
  • CHANNEL_NAME Required - The channel to check for updates from
  • UPDATE_API - The location of the Ionic Pro API (only change this for development)
  • UPDATE_METHOD - auto, background, or none. Dictates the behavior of the plugin. auto will download and apply the latest update on app start, potentially leading to long splash screen loads if the connection is slow. background will only download the update in the background on app start, but will allow full functionality while doing so, only redirecting users the next time the app is loaded. none will do nothing, leaving full plugin functionality in the hands of the developer. Default is background
  • MAX_STORE - The maximum number of downloaded versions to store on the device for quick loading. More versions means less downloading, but can increase the app size greatly. Default is 3 (Defaults is 2 in V5)
  • MIN_BACKGROUND_DURATION - The minimum duration in seconds after which the app in background checks for an update. Default is 30 (New in V5)


  • DisableDeploy - Default value is false.

Allows to disable deploy updates by adding this preference in the config.xml

<preference name="DisableDeploy" value="true" />

API Docs

External modules

Contributing to this plugin

npm install
npm run create-dev

This will create a blank Ionic app in a local tmp directory with the plugin and dependencies installed, and the iOS platform added. Native plugin code is installed with --link and any changes to the typescript in www will be copied over into the app's platforms/ios and platforms/android directories.

Some other helpful dev commands

npm run apply-dev

Updates the linked plugin in the tmp test app with your JavaScript changes

npm run watch

Watches for Typescript changes

npm run watch-dev

Watches for Typescript changes, then runs the apply-dev script to propogate them to the testing app.


npm i cordova-plugin-ionic

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