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    PhoneGap Flashlight / Torch plugin

    by Eddy Verbruggen for iOS, Android and WP8

    1. Description
    2. Installation
      1. Automatically (CLI / Plugman)
      2. Manually
      3. PhoneGap Build
    3. Usage
    4. Credits

    1. Description

    This plugin allows you to switch the flashlight / torch of the device on and off.

    • Works on iOS 5+
    • Works on Android 2+
    • Android 6+ runtime permissions are handled automatically
    • Works on WP8
    • Depends on capabilities of the device, so you can test it with an API call
    • Compatible with Cordova Plugman
    • Pending review at PhoneGap Build

    2. Installation

    Latest stable version from npm:

    $ cordova plugin add cordova-plugin-flashlight

    Bleeding edge version from Github:

    $ cordova plugin add

    PhoneGap Build

    Flashlight works with PhoneGap build too! Compatible with PhoneGap 3.0.0 and up. Just add the following xml to your config.xml to always use the latest version of this plugin:

    <gap:plugin name="cordova-plugin-flashlight" source="npm" />

    3. Usage

    Since version 3.2.0 of this plugin you can pass in an intensity property which needs to be anywhere between 0.0 and 1.0. Only on iOS this will affect the brightness of the torch.

    window.plugins.flashlight.available(function(isAvailable) {
      if (isAvailable) {
        // switch on
          function() {}, // optional success callback
          function() {}, // optional error callback
          {intensity: 0.3} // optional as well
        // switch off after 3 seconds
        setTimeout(function() {
          window.plugins.flashlight.switchOff(); // success/error callbacks may be passed
        }, 3000);
      } else {
        alert("Flashlight not available on this device");

    As an alternative to switchOn and switchOff, you can use the toggle function

      function() {}, // optional success callback
      function() {}, // optional error callback
      {intensity: 0.3} // optional as well, used on iOS when switching on

    To know if the flashlight is on or off you can call isSwitchedOn

    window.plugins.flashlight.isSwitchedOn(); // returns true/false

    A hint for Android developers: you'll want to make sure the torch is switched off when the app is exited via the backbutton. Otherwise, the camera may be locked so it can't be used by other apps:

    document.addEventListener("backbutton", function() {
      // pass exitApp as callbacks to the switchOff method
      window.plugins.flashlight.switchOff(exitApp, exitApp);
    }, false);
    function exitApp() {;

    4. CREDITS


    npm i cordova-plugin-flashlight

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