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CAMAA Cordova Plugin

CAMAA cordova plugin is for App Experience Analytics that provides deep insights into the performance, user experience, crash, and log analytics of apps.

Get Started

DX App Experience Analytics

Check out our documentation for more information about the features that the App Experience Analytics SDK collects from your app.

Supported platforms

  • iOS
  • Android


  1. iOS 8.0 or higher

Integration (iOS)

Follow these steps to integrate the camaa cordova plugin in your project

  1. Run the following command from your Cordova project directory
cordova plugin add cordova-plugin-camaa
  1. Download xxx_camdo.plist and rename it to cordova_camdo.plist. You should replace this with existing file in your project after you installed the camaa cordova plugin.

Useful Tips (iOS)

  • AXALoader.js contains all of the javascript API calls which trigger the corresponding method in CAMDOReporter.h(however it goes through CAMAAInitializer.m)
  • AXALoader.js has a tiny interface which tells you the expected types for the parameters
  • For a full description of the function and what it does see CAMDOReporter.h and search for the function name
  • access API via window.camaa Ex :
  var result = didSucceed ? "is enabled!" : "is disabled!";
  console.log("The SDK " + result); // is enabled or disabled
  // Note for functions there is type checking which should send descriptive error messages on failure
  // but for other cases there will not always be a description of the error
  console.log("The function failed with description : " + didFail);
// If confused It is always best to consult CAMAAInitializer.m
// to see the actual implementation


  • Write more Tests
  • Add android support
  • Make error reporting more descriptive

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