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Cordova build - an alternative to phonegap build that runs on your servers/agents


[Documentation to be added]

An easy way to handle your own cordova builds without using Phonegap Build Server and getting around its disadvantages)

  • Node
  • A PC with Windows Phone SDK 8 installed
  • A MAC with XCode 5.1 installed
  • A PC / MAC / Linux with Android SDK installed
npm install -g cordova-build

cordova-build can run in any of the next 4 different modes:

cordova-build -mode:server
cordova-build -mode:agent -agent:wp8,android -agentwork:c:\temp
cordova-build -mode:client -build:wp8,android,ios,common2.7z -wp8:wp8specific1.7z -android.7z -ios:iosspecific.7z
cordova-build -mode:ui -server:DNS_OR_IP -port:SERVER_PORT