cookie parsing and serialization


cookie is a basic cookie parser and serializer. It doesn't make assumptions about how you are going to deal with your cookies. It basically just provides a way to read and write the HTTP cookie headers.

See RFC6265 for details about the http header for cookies.

npm install cookie
var cookie = require('cookie');
var hdr = cookie.serialize('foo', 'bar');
// hdr = 'foo=bar'; 
var cookies = cookie.parse('foo=bar; cat=meow; dog=ruff');
// cookies = { foo: 'bar', cat: 'meow', dog: 'ruff' }; 

The serialize function takes a third parameter, an object, to set cookie options. See the RFC for valid values.

cookie path

absolute expiration date for the cookie (Date object)

relative max age of the cookie from when the client receives it (seconds)

domain for the cookie

true or false

true or false