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A port of George Hart's JavaScript implementation/extension of Conway's polyhedral notation to the CommonJS module system. Here are some useful links that can help explain what it all means:


Just use npm:

npm install conway-hart


Here is an example showing how to use this library to generate a shape:


Which produces the following polygon:

If you want to try it out for yourself without installing node.js, here is an interactive WebGL demo.


Conway/Hart notation is a way of specifying spherical polyhedra by subdividing regular polyhedra. The way it works is that you first specify a seed polyhedra, and then apply a sequence of operators. At the end, it returns a JavaScript object with 3 fields:

  • name: The name of the solid.
  • cells: The faces of the solid, represented as a list of indices into the vertices.
  • positions: The positions of the vertices of the solid.

If there is an error parsing the input, an exception is thrown.


Here is a list of all the available seeds. The ones with an n next to their symbol take an extra parameter describing how many faces are on their base.

"T" Tetrahedron

"C" Cube

"O" Octahedron

"D" Dodecahedron

"I" Icosahedron

"Pn" Prism

"An" Antiprism

"Yn" Pyramid


a Ambo

b Bevel

c Canonicalize

d Dual

e Expand

g Gyro

j Join

kn Kis

m Meta

o Ortho

p Propellor

r Reflect

s Split

tn Truncate


(c) 1998 George Hart. GPL

CommonJS port maintained by Mikola Lysenko.