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conventional-changelog jshint preset.

Issues with the convention itself should be reported on the JSHint issue tracker.


# yarn
yarn add -D conventional-changelog-jshint
# pnpm
pnpm add -D conventional-changelog-jshint
# npm
npm i -D conventional-changelog-jshint

JSHint Convention


Commit messages are written in a simple format which clearly describes the purpose of a change.

The format in general should look like this:

[[TYPE]] <Short description>
<Blank line>

<Body / Detailed description>


Line lengths in commit messages are not strict, but good commit messages should have headers of no more than 60 characters, and bodies/footers wrapped at 100 columns. This renders nicely on Github's UI.


The first line is the commit message header, which will indicate the type of change, and a general description of the change. This should fit within 60 characters, ideally. For instance:

[[FIX]] Ignore "nocomma" when parsing object literals

The title [[FIX]] indicates that the change is a bugfix, while the remainder clarifies what the change actually contains.

Several commit types are used by jshint:

  1. [[FIX]] --- Commit fixes a bug or regression
  2. [[FEAT]] --- Commit introduces new functionality
  3. [[DOCS]] --- Commit modifies documentation. Docs commits should only touch comments in source code, or scripts and assets which are used to generate the documentation.
  4. [[TEST]] --- Commit modifies tests or test infrastructure only
  5. [[CHORE]] --- Commit affects dev-ops, CI, or package dependencies


<Body> is a detailed commit message explaining exactly what has changed, and a summary of the reason why. Lines in the body should be wrapped to 100 characters for best rendering.

For a historical example, see this example


<Footer> contains a description of any breaking changes, no matter how subtle, as well as a list of issues affected or fixed by this commit. Lines in the footer should be wrapped to 100 characters for best rendering.

For instance:

[[FEAT]] Enable `norecurs` option by default

Commit 124124a7f introduced an option which forbids recursion. We liked it so much, we've enabled
it by default.


This change will break the CI builds of many applications and frameworks.

In order to work around this issue, you will need to re-engineer your applications and frameworks
to avoid making recursive calls. Use Arrays as stacks rather than relying on the VM call stack.

Fixes #1000009
Closes #888888
Closes #77777

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