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    conventional-changelog jQuery preset

    Issues with the convention itself should be reported on the JQuery issue tracker.

    JQuery Convention

    Commit messages should describe what changed, and reference the issue number if the commit closes or is associated with a particular issue. Commit messages for all jQuery projects should look like this:

    Component: Short Description
    Optional Long Description
    Fixes #xxx
    Closes gh-yyy
    Ref #zzz

    Every commit must have a subject (the first line). Everything else is optional.


    This is the first line. It consists of a component, like "Event" or "Autocomplete".

    Long description

    There are two line breaks between the subject and the long description. The description can have any length and formatting, like lists.


    References to issues or pull requests go after the long description, each one on their own line.

    • Use Fixes when the commit fixes an open issue.

    • Use Closes when the commit closes an open pull request.

    • Use Ref when referencing an issue or pull request that is already closed or should remain open. Examples include partial fixes and commits that add a test but not a fix.

    • Always use "gh-xxx" for GitHub issues and pull requests within the same repository. Use "[user]/[repo]#xxx" when referencing an issue or pull request in another repository, e.g., "Closes jquery/jquery-ui#175".

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