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Contentful Sync is a library for doing in-memory diffing of two Contentful spaces.

Rather than using the contentful-import library, which (as far as I understand) clones down the 'original' space and then makes an API request for each asset, entry, content type, etc., in the 'target' space to deduce which pieces of data need creating/updating, this library clones both the original and target spaces and performs the diff in-memory. It then takes the result from the diff and performs a create, update, or delete request for the relevant pieces of content.

As it currently stands, this library does not handle API rate limiting well and thus should probably not be used to clone spaces within Contentful. This library is better suited to sync spaces that have fewer differences.

Assumptions and limitations


At the moment, the library syncs just Entries, Assets, and Content Types.


This library assumes that:

  • You have two spaces that you need to keep in sync.
  • You only update the 'origin' (i.e., staging) space, and do not manually edit anything in your 'target' (i.e., production) space.
  • Both spaces are set the en-US locale (you can manually overcome this by editing filterAssets in lib/Assets.js).

This library will sync unidirectionally -- it will sync exclusively from origin -> target. If that is not how you or your content team operates, this probably is not the tool for you.


Add the package to your repository: yarn add contentful-sync or npm install contentful-sync --save

Require in the library:

const contentfulSync = require('contentful-sync');

Create a configuration object that contains the origin space's ID, the target space's ID, and your management token. These are all required.

const contentfulSync = require('contentful-sync');
const config = {
  originSpaceId: 'XXXXXXXX',
  targetSpaceId: 'YYYYYYYY',
  managementToken: 'ABCDE12345'

Invoke contentfulSync with the configuration object. contentfulSync will return a promise.

const contentfulSync = require('contentful-sync');
const config = {
  originSpaceId: 'XXXXXXXX',
  targetSpaceId: 'YYYYYYYY',
  managementToken: 'ABCDE12345'
.then(setOfDifferences => {
  console.log('Synced successfully!');
.catch(err => {


This is the space that's treated as the source of truth. contentful-sync will attempt to replicate this space in the target space but will not update any content in this space.


This is the space that will be updated based on the content in the origin space.


Please feel free to create issues, make suggestions, and/or open a pull request! Any contributions are appreciated.

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