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content-builder is a simple builder for you to build application js/cs/css files through a simple manifest.

Why do we need this?

To develop a js/css library, we don't need such heavy tools like (require.js) to build our js/cs/css library, what we need a simple enough tool to concat and minify these contents to a single file.

In some cases, we need to build js/css library by selecting components, require.js is just too heavy for building.

And in some cases, we need to build our js/css library as small as possible, but you need to add a lot of define function in your source code while using require.js or other AMD tools.

To use require.js or not in application codebase, the decision is made by users, so we made this.

By using content-builder, you can define many manifest for different usage. also, users can easily customize their builds as what they need.

content-builder provides a filter interface, you can register your custom filter directly.


First, define a simple manifest file called app.manifest:


Then define the code below to compile your content:

ContentBuilder = require "content-builder"
builder = new ContentBuilder("app.manifest",{ 
    baseDir: "js"
content = builder.compile()