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Hook console.log to wait so you can read before it jumps off the screen


Here was the issue.. console.log is async..

I suspect this is the case.. (sometimes)
console.log('this important logging stuff..')  // which never shows because we have an error next 

Also sometimes I'm outputting this..

var title = 'mytitle', o = {...some huge object...}
console.log(title, o)  // hard to see title cause the big object pushed everything off the screen! 
So just do this..
require('./consolelog-node.js')();   // optional set the delay in ms -- require('consolelog-node')(1000) 
console.log('Can see this..', {key: 'this is delayed'}, {someotherkey: 'this is more delayed'});

This hooks console.log and every parameter has a little delay before showing.. See test.js.