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Console-TEN is a simple console Timestamp Extension for Node.js

It prepends a timestamp and log type for console.log type functions (error, warn, info, log). It also allows disabling some logging by setting a log level.


> npm install console-ten


console.log("Hello %s", "Node!", {'i':'love','json':'!'});

Example Output

> [2013-01-01T00:00:00.000Z] [LOG] Hello Node! { i: 'love', json: '!' }

Log Levels

Console-TEN will default to show all logs, you can limit which logs are shown by passing in a level in the init method:

var consoleTEN = require('console-ten');
consoleTEN.init(console, consoleTEN.LEVELS.LOG);
console.log("This will be sent to the console.");"But this will not be shown.");

Here are the log levels currently defined:


Custom log format

You can easily override or customize the format and the information appended to the console.log functions by passing a format function to the init method:

var consoleTEN = require('console-ten');
consoleTEN.init(console, consoleTEN.LEVELS.ALL, function(levelName){
    return "[" + (new Date().toString()) + "] [" + levelName.toLowerCase() + "] - ";

Note: the levelName is passed into the format function by default. After applying this new format function our output looks more like this:

> [Sat Mar 30 2013 15:54:08 GMT-0700 (PDT)] [error] Hello Node! { i: 'love', json: '!' }


MIT Licensed