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RethinkDB session store for Connect

Connect RethinkDB

Inspired by TJ Holowaychuk's Connect Redis

npm install connect-rethinkdb

Note that you must already have Connect installed (npm install connect).

var connect = require('connect'),
  RDBStore = require('connect-rethinkdb')(connect);
var rDBStore = new RDBStore({
  flushOldSessIntvl: 60000,
  clientOptions: {
    db: 'test'
    host: 'localhost',
    port: '28015'
  table: 'session'
  secret: 'keyboard cat',
  cookie: {
    maxAge: 10000
  store: rDBStore

Unlike Redis, RethinkDB does not provide a SETEX function. So we have to flush expired sessions periodically. This defines the amount of time between two flushes. Defaults to 60 seconds

A promise (see Deferred module) that resolves with a RethinkDB connection. Defaults to undefined. See clientOptions below if you can't provide this.

We need these to connect to our DB. Used only when no clientPromise is provided. See RethinkDB's doc.

Name of the table in which session data will be stored. Defaults to 'session'

If you do not set cookie.maxAge in session middleware, sessions will last until the user closes his/her browser. However we cannot keep the session data infinitely (for size and security reasons). In this case, this setting defines the maximum length of a session, even if the user doesn't close his/her browser. Defaults to 1 day

Removed clientPromise option in constructor. Just use classic RethinkDB clientOptions. (It's because we now use under the hood RQL-Promise).