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connect-modrewrite adds modrewrite functionality to connect/express server.

Getting started

Install connect-modrewrite with:

npm install connect-modrewrite --save

Require it:

var modRewrite = require('connect-modrewrite');

An example configuration:

var app = connect() // express() for express 3.x  server
// app.configure(function() { for express 3.x server
    '^/test$ /index.html',
    '^/test/\\d*$ /index.html [L]',
    '^/test/\\d*/\\d*$ /flag.html [L]'
// }) for express 3.x server


In the example above, modRewrite take as an Array of rewrite rules as an argument. Each rewrite rule is a string with the syntax: MATCHING_PATHS REPLACE_WITH [FLAGS]. MATCHING_PATHS should be defined using a regex string. And that string is passed as an argument to the javascript RegExp Object for matching of paths. REPLACE_WITH is the replacement string for matching paths. Flags is optional and is defined using hard brackets.

Inverted URL matching

Begin with ! for inverted URL matching.

Use defined params

Just wrap the defined param with () and access it with $n. This is defined in JS .replace in

^/blog/(.*) /$1


A dash indicates that no substitution should be performed.

^/blog/(.*) - [L]


Last [L]

If a path matches, any subsequent rewrite rules will be disregarded.

Proxy [P]

Proxy your requests

'^/test/proxy/(.*)$$1 [P]'

Redirect [R], [R=3**] (replace * with numbers)

Issue a redirect for request.

Nocase [NC]

Regex match will be case-insensitive.

Forbidden [F]

Gives a HTTP 403 forbidden response.

Gone [G]

Gives a HTTP 410 gone response.

Type [T=*] (replace * with mime-type)

Sets content-type to the specified one.

Host [H], [H=*] (replace * with a regular expression that match a hostname)

Match on host.

For more info about available flags, please go to the Apache page:


Tingan Ho, @tingan87


Licensed under the MIT license.

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