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Connect level is a Connect session store backed by levelup. It aims to be a simple to use as MemoryStore while providing session persistence beyond the life of the process.

This store requires no external processes, databases, etc.


$ npm install connect-level


var connect = require('connect')
, LevelStore = require('connect-level')(connect)

connect().use(connect.session({ store: new LevelStore(), secret: 'super sekkrit' }))


There are options you can pass to the store if you like, but you don't need to.

var options = {
  path: './data/sessions' // Optional. Defaults to ./connect-level-sessionstore
  interval: 6000 // Optional. How often the database prunes expired sessions in ms. Defaults to 1 hour, however expiry is checked as keys are read out.

connect().use(connect.session({ store: new LevelStore(options), secret: 'super sekkrit' }))

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Licensed under BSD