Use any databank driver as a store for connect sessions


Use any database that databank supports as a connect session store

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The databank package lets you use several different kinds of databases - Mongo, Redis, CouchBase, memory, disk - with a uniform API -- basically CRUD + search.

This module will let you use any of those databases as a connect session backend.

I think it's particularly useful if you're distributing software and you don't want to make your users depend on some particular connect session backend.

Try something like this.

var connect = require("connect"),
    Logger = require("bunyan"),
    Databank = require("databank").Databank,
    DatabankStore = require("connect-databank")(connect),

// Example params. See databank for details.

driver = "disk";
params = {dir: "/var/lib/databank/session"};

// Get a bank and connect...

db = Databank.get(driver, params);

db.connect({}, function(err) {

    var store, app, log;

// Use bunyan for logging
log = new Logger({name: "myapp"});

    store = new DatabankStore(db, log);

app = connect();
app.use(connect.session({secret: "my dog has fleas", store: store}));


The DatabankStore will store stuff into the session type ("table") in your databank, keyed by session ID.

It will log out to the logger; you can omit that parameter if you don't want session logs.