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NodeJS Session Store for Couchbase backed applications.

npm install connect-couchbase

This is based off of connect-redis, found at You can use like so, when setting up your Express 4.x app:

var debug = require('debug')('Couchbase Session Store Example')
var session = require('express-session');
var CouchbaseStore = require('connect-couchbase')(session);
var couchbaseStore = new CouchbaseStore({
    bucket:"default",               //optional
    host:"",          //optional
    connectionTimeout: 2000,        //optional
    operationTimeout: 2000,         //optional
    cachefile: '',                  //optional
    ttl: 86400,                     //optional
    prefix: 'sess'                  //optional
     *          cachefile: ''
     *          ttl: 86400,
     *          prefix: 'sess',
     *          operationTimeout:2000,
couchbaseStore.on('connect', function() {
    debug("Couchbase Session store is ready for use");
couchbaseStore.on('disconnect', function() {
    debug("An error occurred connecting to Couchbase Session Storage");
var app = express();
    store: couchbaseStore,
    secret: 'your secret',
    cookie: {maxAge:24*60*60*1000} //stay open for 1 day of inactivity

Please file any bugs at