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connect middleware for dynamically recompiling derived files at serve-time. This module is designed for speeding up development; best-practices would have you compile all necessary files as part of your production deploy process. But you knew that, of course.

Usage is the same as all other connect middleware:

    var connect  = require('connect')
    ,   compiler = require('connect-compiler')
    ,   server = connect.createServer(
                enabled : [ 'coffee', 'uglify' ],
                src     : 'src',
                dest    : 'var'
            connect.static(__dirname + '/public'),
            connect.static(__dirname + '/var')

Of note, earlier versions of connect actually came with a module like this, but not any longer.


Via npm:

npm install connect-compiler

Or if you want to hack on the source:

git clone
cd connect-compiler
npm link


The compiler middleware takes a settings object, minimally containing a list of compilers to enable (enabled). Most uses will also specify a source directory (src).

name type default description
enabled String, String[] Required Enabled compiler id(s). See below for included compilers.
src String, String[] cwd Directories to search for source files to compile.
dest String src or
src[0] if Array
Directory to write compiled result.
roots {src:dest, ...},
[[src, dest], ...]
Allows you to specify multiple, ordered src-dest pairs. One of roots or src is required; roots takes precedence over src if present.
log_level String , Number WARN Logging verbosity. Valid values (case-insensitive): error, warn, info, debug, silent, or a numeric constant (as found in LOG).
create_dirs Boolean true Creates intermediate directories for destination files.
mount String Prefix trimmed off request path before matching/processing.
delta Number 0 Delta mtime (in seconds) required for a derived file to be considered stale, and therefore recompiled. By default, any change will cause a file to be recompiled on next request.
expires Boolean false Automatically treat files as stale if this old in secs.
external_timeout Number 3000 Milliseconds after which to kill subprocess commands.
cascade Boolean false Invoke all compilers that match? otherwise, only first.
resolve_index Boolean , String false If true-y, directories are resolved with the supplied filename, where true maps to 'index.html'.
ignore RegExp /\.(jpe?g|gif|png)$/i Requests matching this pattern are short-circuit ignored, and no compiler matching occurs.
allowed_methods String[] ['GET'] HTTP methods compiler should process. This setting is global-only -- per-compiler overrides specified via options will have no effect.
options {compilerId:settings, ...} Hash of additional per-compiler options, mapped by compiler id. Each compiler is supplied a copy of the settings object; if additional options are supplied in this way for a given compiler, they will be merged into the settings (and override any colliding top-level keys).


To enable a compiler, you specify its id, which you can get from the handy list that follows. Some compilers take options, which you pass using the options setting using the compiler id as the key.

For example, to disable the bare option for the CoffeeScript compiler, you'd do something like:

server = connect.createServer(
        enabled : [ 'coffee' ],
        src     : 'src',
        dest    : 'var',
        options : {
            'coffee' : {
                'bare' : false
    connect.static(__dirname + '/public'),
    connect.static(__dirname + '/var')

Compiler IDs


Find a bug or want to contribute? Open a ticket on github. You're also welcome to send me email at




npm i connect-compiler

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