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Express/connect middleware to generate HTML5 cache manifest file. This module is highly inspired by

The original reason I forked as a new project:

How to use

% npm install connect-cache-manifest

In app.js:

var express = require('express');
var cacheManifest = require('connect-cache-manifest');
var app = express();
  manifestPath: '/application.manifest',
  cdn: [''],
  files: [{
    file: __dirname + '/public/js/foo.js',
    path: '/js/foo.js'
  }, {
    dir: __dirname + '/public/css',
    prefix: '/css/'
  }, {
    dir: __dirname + '/views',
    prefix: '/html/',
    ignore: function(x) { return /\.bak$/.test(x); },
    replace: function(x) { return x.replace(/\.jade$/, '.html'); }
  networks: ['*'],
  fallbacks: []


  • manifestPath: path name for the manifest file.
  • cdn: list of cdn's you wish you cache in your manifest file
  • files: list of items to cache entries; an item is either { dir: '<dir path>', prefix: '<url prefix>'} or { file: '<file path>', path: '<url path>'}
  • networks: list of strings for network entries.
  • fallbacks: list of strings for fallback entries.