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Connect middleware that delivers an application manifest compatible with Mozilla's Open Web Apps initiative


npm install connect-b2g


Open Web Apps are web apps that are installable on Mozilla's Boot 2 Gecko Operating System.

Any website can be installed as an app on B2G but it needs to provide a manifest file.

The manifest is a text file containing a json document. It can have any name but must have the extension .webapp.

It will be requested from the webroot by the client device, much like a favicon.


To find out more about creating Boot to Gecko Apps go to the Mozilla Developer Network

This simple connect middleware delivers the mainfest from a given file path.

This middleware does not enforce the manifest schema, format or content. Read about these topics here.


Much like any other connect middleware

var connect = require('connect');
var b2g = require('connect-b2g');

var app = connect()
	.use( b2g( 'path/to/manifest.webapp' ) )

Running tests

To run tests you need to install mocha and request.

sudo npm install -g mocha
npm install request



This project is intended as a utility middleware for B2G app developers.

As such, whenever new features are added to the specs, they will be implemented here.

Feel free to send me feedback and to contribute to this project.