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An NPM module that forces compilation of your javascript connect-assets without referencing them in a view.

Problems This Helps With

  • You are using requireJS and don't want to reference all your javascript files in the view.
  • You have a javascript file that is dynamically loaded on your page but not in the view.


npm install connect-assets-jsprimer

  • There is a dependency on CoffeeScript. If you want a straight javascript version, you can compile it easily yourself.


assets = require 'connect-assets'
jsPrimer = require 'connect-assets-jsprimer'

# Snip ...

app.use assets()
jsPrimer.loadFiles assets

# Optionally, you can pass in a log function to see progress
# jsPrimer.loadFiles assets, console.log


Jacob Gable

Adrien Antoine

Jonathan Chapman


Created by Jacob Gable. MIT License; no attribution required.